SUPPORT TheMossadIL! (Get a Sticker)

SUPPORT TheMossadIL! (Get a Sticker)

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Dear Agents, 

TheMossadIL works hard to strike fear in the hearts of those who wish for the demise of Israel and the Jewish people. Whether it be raiding a shoe closet, training our dolphins to aim with those laser cannons, or generating hurricanes. Those things are not cheap endeavors. 

We want to keep providing you with the best online content to destroy antisemites and Israel haters online. But that requires time and resources and that requires money.

We know what your thinking. "Aren't you supposed to be paying *us* for all the Hasbara we're doing?" Of course we are. But never mind that. With your support, we can expand our efforts into things beyond Twitter. Imagine the awesomeness of Twitter's @TheMossadIL... but on YouTube!

We opened this online shop so you can be a part of the fun of TheMossadIL, and laugh with your friends, or alone, until the joke isn't funny anymore. And then you buy another funny item to renew the joke and laugh all over again. 

We would also like to open an option for you support our expansion even if you don't feel like buying a mug or a shirt.

For every 50 ILS (roughly $13.80) we'll send you a thank you sticker. Put this sticker on your car, laptop, lunchbox, use it to patch up a leaky raft in case you're lost at sea, or as a stylish alternative to duct tape for your prisoners or leg waxing.

With this sticker in your hand, proudly know that you are contributing to the next awesome phase of TheMossadIL.



3" x 4"

Removable, individually die-cut vinyl

Ideal for smooth flat surfaces

1/8 inch white border around each design


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